The Sweater (Point of View)

This is one of those evenings when everything looked perfect, the flowers were swaying from left to right dancing to the tunes breeze soothing breeze …Kelvin and Kate had just left the restaurant where they had this amazing beef sauce with rice rice and as they walked through the park with Kate holding kelvin’s hand tightly reminiscing every moment they’ve spent together. Walking a bit further just around the park, Kelvin spotted a lady though old but extremely beautiful who was knitting her red sweater and humming to her own music.

Kelvin: oh No!! this was the same sweater Kate had on when I almost lost her(bursting into tears) to cancer. God, if not for that I’m not sure I’d believe you existed…we had the money, the house, the kids, the clothes everything. But I couldn’t do anything to help her out. I remember that day so clearly, her face..all pale and her voice so faint and the next thing she said was “Kelvin, Jesus healed me am alright now..lets go home” all I could do at that moment was to hug Kate tightly and surrender my life,my family and all to christ. That was the happiest day of my life where I got my wife back and the one thing that was missing got restored, Jesus.

Kate: My eyes followed Kelvin’s wondering what could have made him cry because men never did that in public, and so I spotted this loving looking old lady who was in her word humming to some tunes and knitting her red sweater. Oh my God that was the same sweater I had on the day my cancer disappeared and God healed me. Such sweet memories….how I love Kelvin for sticking with me all these years and made memories that would never get old. Awwhh Kelvin…the best husband, father, brother, uncle anyone could wish for. I’m going to kiss those tears away honey. I Love you!!

Old Woman: look at them they’ve been standing there watching me, they must be impressed by my knitting skills or perhaps I reminded them of someone they know. Well…I love young couples who love God and love each other they make me cry sometimes.  how I wish Harry was here to see this too.


The Meeting

Well..its a bright sunny day somewhere in Ghana and everyone seems to be going about their businesses not being oblivious to whatever is happening around them. I have just stepped out of the shower and boy how i love to feel those splashes of cold water on my body. Getting ready to hit the streets i grab a pair of jeans and a Zara top and my sneakers, next to a bit of make up.which is powder, a lip stick and an eyeliner.:) turning to look at my wristwatch and then i realised i was running late….Oh No. Cant imagine being late for that meeting; Doors all locked, windows all shut and unbrella in my hands i walked exquisitely out of the hall way. Taxi!!! As my arms stretched forth to stop the moving cab which i quickly went in and sat down. The taxi driver was in a whole new world of his as he kept playing Tye tribett’s track “I love you” , for a moment i was not observant to those around me because the words started bringing a new feeling which makes me remember how much Christ loves us and how much we are to bring glory to him in all we do;our actions,thoughts, attitudes, education,life. Style. Woww christ is amazing…Madamfo! Madamfo!(a ghanaian term for my friend) I was drawn out from my thoughts by the taxi driver who. Has been tapping me for God knows how long…I wish the journey would just go on, I paid my fare..Thank you i say, and rushed out. On my way to the venue of the meeting a man approached me all dressed in long grey clothing (known by the nigerians as Jalamia,worn mostly by the guys), with the most ugliest set of teeths, and shaby haircut…and oh no his foot was just too untidy he looked like he has been wrestling with the cows, and his breath was just this Man finally speaks he says “If I do tell you i was interested in you, what would you say” at this moment i became speechless, dumfounded, not knowing if the earth should just swallow me or rapture should just take place because i dont want to be rude or who knows maybe he was an angel in disguise(i might miss my chance of going to HEAVEN). But then who cares Jesus would understand..i braced my fears and say to him “i would say no” and he replied..Thank you! And he immediately started walking so fast that I lost sight of him. Wheeewww that was an akward meeting…and i hope its not a preliminary of what my real meeting is going to be like. Well am here, so glad i could make it for my real meeting..catch you folks later. #shutsdoor